“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” WALT DISNEY
We have invested heavily in making our processes as environmentally friendly as possible. We are Eco-Active members and the sole local printer to promote re-planting within the island with our friends at Jersey Trees for Life


We are committed to developing our employees and preserving for our family, friends, future generations and for our wider community.

  • We recognise that our business thrives if our employees and their families thrive. We aim to develop our staff whilst supporting our local community, economy and the fourth sector.
  • Mailmate is an inclusive workplace. Our next aim is to foster an atmosphere where everyone feels valued and respected, a place where every employee is free to be themselves and reach their full potential.
  • We have a long history of supporting local charities and events and are proud of our positive local social impact. As part of our sustainable practice, we will support local charities, events and projects that benefit the well-being of the island, be that socially or environmentally.


Our stated aim is to be carbon neutral by 2025. While we work towards being carbon neutral as a business, we know there are wider industry impacts and we will also work to reduce and influence those.

With our customers and suppliers, we want to ensure that we are seen as both inspiring and leading in the field of climate change in Jersey and using our collective strength and influence to maximise results.

We will become carbon neutral, by reducing and managing:

  • our own emissions
  • our customers’ emissions
  • our suppliers’ emissions
  • our use of high-emissions energy
  • partner to grow and raise awareness of "green" initiatives

We also pledge to offset any emissions that we are unable to manage out of the business by 2025

Every job has a positive local environmental contribution.

Not content with simply paying a little extra to offset our paper usage, as our competitors do, to schemes through our suppliers that plant in far off lands, we have diverted our funds to make a difference locally.

We are the first local print and visual communication business to support the local community directly, by introducing a voluntary 1% additional “off-set” charge to all our invoices to establish the “Mailmate Sustainable Community Fund”. The fund is used to support the work of Jersey Trees for Life:

“Jersey Trees for Life plant at least one kilometre of new hedgerow annually while providing a full three years of after-care on all hedgerow that we plant. The cost of planting one kilometre of hedgerow, which equates to 4,000 trees, is £20,000.”

Our support to date includes:

  • 40000+ Fundraising Brochures for all island distribution
  • Quarterly Newsletters for all members
  • Branded Uniform and Hi-Visibility safety wear for all TFL staff
  • Branded kit bags for all TFL staff
  • Branded water bottles for all TFL staff
  • Branded clothing and merchandise for fund raising
  • Alder Collection information signage
  • Adelina Wood information signs
  • Val de la Mare sponsorship labels and information signs

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